Why i preferred Wealthy affiliate marketing to earn online??

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Earning online is great! But getting the right web to do so is also a different and critical task. This is because of all the websites claiming to make you earn online 90% are just but scams. I have landed on many scams others behaved as if it was real money earning websites with their trainings, i won’t mention them but i will show you how to identify real websites for earning online and scammers.

Online scam

scammers oftenly tricks beginners like me some days before but falling on these traps gave me some great lessons and i don’t wish anyone of you to fall on the same. They will promise you big amount of money from just doing simple tasks like typing, taking surveys,filling forms, e.t.c.

How will you ever earn so much money by just doing simple task?…The answer is that you are just being tricked and if you fall on them it will be their success and your fall. You will realize that after paying them they will no longer respond to your queries because their mission with you is all done.

My recommendations

After falling on many traps, i learn a lot about online earning. The best way to earn is by affiliate marketing because when the product you are marketing is bought through your link you will get paid. You are paid because the product was bought because you market it imagine if you never market the same product, no one could buy it and that is why your are paid, is that a free earning? definetly not, but it is a passive income your efforts to post this items on social media to market them may be once but the fruits of your efforts are endless. So think of it.

Where to start affiliate marketing

There are lots of affiliate marketing online a good example is wealthy affiliate,amazon,ebay, e.t.c

wealthy affiliate in comparison with amazon and ebay

Wealthy affiliate has free and premium plans while amazon and ebay are totally free. Wealthy affiliate offers great discount for beginners during their first month.

Why choose wealthy affiliate rather than amazon and ebay

Amazon startup

For affiliate marketing to become successful you must create a website to post these products Amazon will require you to have website with reasonable amount of contents meaning that you build a website let say using wordpress. This will cost you more than you expected at the end of it you will realize that you have use more than $100

Wealthy affiliate startup



It is free if you don’t want premium plan and if you prefer premium plan after joining you will benefit from a good discount within the first month, you will pay $19.00 instead of $49.00. You will be allowed to build website using your own domain or get the free one or purchase at as low as $13.00 per year which is nice compared to others which you will pay monthly. YOU will be trained to make the best use of your membership and achieve your dreams. If you want to confirm that wealthy affiliate is not a scam just go to your search engine and search wealthy affiliate reviews you will find that all of the has success stories and no negatives. This is the only way to determine who is a scammer and who is not.

Join wealthy affiliate and achieve your dreams today https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=cc7bbafa

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